Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds Part 1

It seems that thrifting has taken on a whole new life with the resurgence of vintage patterns recently.  People are now hunting down not only fabric, but notions also.  Inspired by some of the thrifty finds I've seen in the blogosphere, I thought I'd poke around at some of my local spots and see what I could dig up.

The area I live isn't especially crafty - also it's a new-ish area, not so many estate sales etc and nothing in the thrift stores, but we do have a fun antiques mall nearby so I took the girlies for a hunt one Saturday.  There were 3 stalls, out of about 80-100 that I found that had vintage notions, and two of them were well priced.

At the first stall:

giant, and luscious red! 

a collection

(I needed the one little charcoal gray one, right in the middle for a current project, and I knew I'd be using the little yellow one soon, so it seemed wise especially with making kids clothes, to have some single buttons on hand.)

And at the second stall, hidden amongst a giant stash of other brown and orange buttons:

gentle teal

sweet blue

I got all of these buttons for about $6 including tax, which was a pretty good price considering the variety, and practical application.

Do you thrift for crafty supplies?  How are the options in your area?

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