Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thrifty Finds Part 2

After dismal results at the local thrift stores, and only buttons to be had at the antiques mall, I decided to pop into a thrift store across town next time we were that way.  As it happens our dentist is right nearby, so that worked out nicely.

Let me tell you, I found some things, but wow-ee I had to hunt.  They were all hidden, and by hidden I mean they were actually shoved in the back of other used linens like bed sheets, and tablecloths and other fabricy things that looked funny and smelled weird.

I dug this one up - the red with the gold lurex, and the girls all squealed.

Red!  Shiny!
43" x 2.5yds and scraps - $2.99

soft and brushed floral
56" x 2yds 30" - $1.99

blue and white mystery
58" x 2 1/4yds - $1.99

The first two I figured were probably cotton, the last one - the blue and white stripe - I wasn't so sure.  It had an almost stiff hand and an obvious slubbed texture.  I wondered if it was home dec, so I figured a burn test when I got home might be in order... and I have to say, I was surprised by the results!

what do YOU think it is?

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