Monday, October 25, 2010

Headwear Folly

What goes well with a designer gown in yellow?  Why Balding Beige, naturally!

And this:

 Because sometimes, on really special occasions, there is a need for some spontaneous cheer-leading.

(I'd be cheering too if I was wearing a dress like that - the magenta number is especially yummy!  You can buy the pattern here at So Vintage Patterns.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Links

Spotted this week:

One truth about shared domesticity: Pleasant View Schoolhouse

Elegant Pumpkins by Papernstitch

Overwhelmed by your underwear?  There is help over at Minimalist Moms.

Easy, tasty veggies for fall and beyond - Simple Bites

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A taste of the Love/Folly conundrum:

I call it The Happy Bedtime Song and Dance:

A: I'm going to bed, uh huh!
C: I'm going to bed, huzzah (insert mod hip twist)
D: I'm going to bed, oh yeah!
B: Mom, you're cute, but seriously?  Every night?

pattern available here at The Blue Gardenia

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Love Lazy Glamor

I am loving these "faux separates" dresses that have been appearing around the place.  These are from another of my loves, Anthropologie.

  Vestiges Dress                                      Seaside Fields Dress

Curtain Call Dress                                      Stylist's Eye Dress

This concept has been around for a few seasons now, but in looking for a pencil skirt with a knee split I had picked up Simplicity 2724  (check this version out).   The new appeal of this dress now that I'm sewing again is actually sheer laziness on my part - a kind of dressing "2 for the price of 1 if you will".  One dress + accessories and you're done.

Additionally, the flexibility inspired me. All kinds of fabrics are represented here: cotton, wool, silk, modal... and types of fabrics - shirting, jersey, brocade, chiffon...  Consider the dynamic possibilities as you dress up, dress down, and accessorize and layer through the seasons.  See - lazy glamor.  Don't you love it? :)