Monday, April 11, 2011

The Back to the Future T

All the way from 1983, Simplicity 5859 "One Yard Tops"

Revisited in 2011, "Back To The Future T"

One day, she might stand still...

All in all I'm pretty happy with this one.  Naturally, it's too big for her yet (all part of the plan!)  I finished it slightly differently to what they had in the instructions, omitting facings where possible, or trimming them.

I also:

- left off the shoulder ruffles.

- reduced the sleeve ease so that the gathers & sleeve cap were flatter.

-  reinforced the shoulder seams using clear elastic and secured the seam allowance at the sleeves so that they couldn't sit out (this was altering the appearance of the gathers).

- used a fabric loop for holding the button.

- added an applique.

I do intend to make this again in a different view, but I'm considering reducing the depth of the V opening in the back.  I'll also attach the button loop before applying the neck bias trim and hide it inside the seam.

And I think the ruffles will have to make a comeback!


  1. Beautiful! and gorgeous little girl too :) I would like to see the ruffle version too, she could totally rock it.

  2. Thanks Bec! Yes, I'm definitely putting the ruffles back on the next version - I think the next fabric will be perfect!