Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Dresses

So as I'm working on my 8/100 project, I knew there would be some side projects on the way.  I still want to go back and use the sew-a-longs in the side bar - and there are other kids asking for items :)  But somewhere in the mix I'd like to sew up some summer-ish dresses for me.

But here's the kicker about dresses and skirts.  I rarely wear them.  Amongst my many (apparently irrational) fears, I live in constant fear of this love/folly scenario:

If only we could all looks so fabulous in granny panties.  Or is that a girdle?  

Either way... it terrifies me.  So either I must get over my fear, carefully choose my skirt options, or avoid subway grates at all costs.  What's a girl to do?  (Aside from making sure her underwear is all in clean, working condition?)

Do you like dresses and skirts?  Full/straight/in between?  Had any love/folly moments my underwear drawer needs to be aware of and prepared for?


  1. i LOVE skirts and wear them all the time (although not so much here in jackson, yet.). i love them because i think skirts with tshirts and tank tops are so perfect for summer.

    to keep it from blowing up, just:
    1. check the weather and avoid skirts if it's windy.
    2. wear leggings underneath or some cute tights
    3. tie a sweater or something around your waist that can 'weigh' the skirt down if it catches a breeze.
    4. if you are wearing a skirt and it is windy and you have concern you can gather a handful of material into one of your hands and hold it to the side and that should keep it from catching a breeze.
    5. you can wear a non-flowy skirt. that will not fly up.
    6. i generally keep them about knee length, that seems to be good as far as windy days are concerned. i've only been worried a few times and knee length is long enough to use point number 4 with.

  2. Wow, that is a comprehensive list, Erin! I guess the whole #4 plus holding a baby has put me off skirts for a long time. I will try to be more adventurous!

  3. I wear skirts almost all the time, too. The trick to to always be aware of your knees when you aren't actively walking. Keep your knees together. Sitting on the ground, sitting on a chair, sitting on the bus, keep your knees together. Don't bend over from the hips but squat down with your knees together. I shudder when I see nice mums with their little kids and thier butts in the air. Terrible.

    It takes a little work to build the habit, but it's worth it. Old-fashioned lady training...

    Also most skirt styles aren't going to flap up. Really it's only super flared or short skirts you have to worry about in the wind. I kind of like wearing my full-skirted 50's dresses in the wind, it flaps up and shows my crinoline a little. I keep my hands to my sides and it keeps me mostly decent in that situation.

  4. That is a good point about being aware of your knees! Why don't we squat with our knees instead of bending over any more? Surely it's easier on the body to do so. I don't feel so naggy now, telling my girls to keep their knees together all the time.

    I'll have to go find out more about your crinoline wearing Steph - I think maybe I want one to show off too!