Monday, November 22, 2010

The Parameters (or How I'm Going Stop Being a Sewing Weenie)

Being one of those artsy types, if given the opportunity I tend to get very carried away with my projects, so I thought it would be wise to set some parameters for this projects, in order to focus on my goals.

So, to sum up!

As previously mentioned, my ultimate goal is to create a child's size 8 wardrobe for my oldest daughter, through the last 100 years of fashion - that amounts to approximately 10 pieces (not including underwear, jeans or basic t-shirts at this point).

This means I get to combine some of my current "loves":

Minimalism - to put it simply, I'm learning that in life, not just sewing, I prefer quality over quantity, so I want to only make pieces that will create an overall wardrobe that is not only wearable and functional, but stylish and beautiful!  This also means I'll be...

Stash Bustin' - shopping out of my stash first when looking for fabrics to work with.  When I'm unable to come up with the goods there, then I want to work with...

Genuine Vintage Items - this means that where possible (after going to my stash, and within my google search abilities and budget) I will work with patterns and fabrics of the time, and also...

Learn - the techniques of the times and combine them with design ideas of today.  I have the basics but without focus I've tended to avoid buttonholes the things I dislike the most and roll in my fabric do the things I like the most.  While that can be very satisfactory, I've become stagnant quickly.  And I want to make that spectacularly awesome designer cape from the 60's, so I'd be up the creek without a buttonhole paddle, which means I have to...

Stop Being a Sewing Weenie - buttonholes, I will own you!  Hand-picked zippers, you are mine!  Smocking, easing, lining, hong kong binding... well, you get the picture.  I want to be brave!


  1. Be bold, and very courageous! You can do it!

  2. Oh be very brave. Can not wait to see pictures.