Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love projects.

Today's project was the craft/school cupboard.  Periodically it becomes such a quagmire that even I, in my optimism, can't face another day staring at the disaster that has befallen three shelves of stationary and pens, and assorted games and craft items.  Let me just say, there is a reason they call it Play D'oh.

I avoided it for a while, dodged around it, stepped lithley over it, danced about it, and basically did everything I could not to actually sit down and do it.  But then I saw a miscellaneous thumb tack (what!!) and realized the risk was far greater than I first realized...

And, as per usual, once I got going chugging happily along through various artistic interpretations of mermaids underwater adventures, Charlie and Lola go to the hair dressers, and Impressionistic Backyardigans (stopping here and there to peel puppy stickers off the floor) it wasn't quite as bad as I feared... I just had to face the fact that the journey to a clean craft cupboard is paved with - well... the strewn contents of the said craft cupboard.

Why mention all of this?  Well I've had a few ideas for projects that have been pottering about in my head most of the summer, and it struck me today I might be stuck in the "dodged around it" phase longer than necessary.  The fact is, I just need to sit down and do it.  I need to face the fact that the journey of a project is paved with the strewn contents of said project.  And that's ok. 

This is my jumping in -


More details to follow.  Hope you'll travel with me!

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