Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Follies of the 90's.

The first decade in my project as I sew an 8 year old's wardrobe through the last 100 years, is the 1990's.

Not having anything in my pattern stash from that decade I started poking around.  I found, in no particular order:

Many of these: 

And these:

And remember these?

And these:

 And let's not forget these:

(I had to show you two of the last one, because they are just. that. awesome.)

In between nauseous shivering as I recollected my own fashionably dubious decisions of the 1990's, and laughing uncontrollably at some of the images I found, I realized that the first decade I attempt might just be the hardest one.  What to do?  With the follies of the 90's so fresh in my mind, I just could not imagine putting my girlie in the giant collars, giant sleeves, nor the heavy workman's boots or boxy, dull separates, the oversized bows, the ... what is that last thing?  (I think I'd just be asking for some kind of Violet Beauregarde situation.)

So, ladies and gentelmen, I was in a pickle.  A 1990's pickle.

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  1. Well you could go with the essence of the 90s, like veto the frills and gaudy prints and pick a style that isn't too offensive, e.g. pant-suits are back in at the moment. Or else I remember my big-sister had a pretty awesome pair of denim overalls...