Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sewing Follies (or I Can't Use A Tape Measure)

So, what's the 'haps?  What's going on here?  Where are your projects??

Well there are some reasons I've been posting without photos, which I will explain to you tomorrow.  But in the meantime you'll be glad to know I'm working on the first item from my 8/100 project, Vogue 9479.  I've also been trying to tidy up a few wadders loose ends that have been plaguing my sewing closet.  I also prepped a Singer 3116 that was "my" sewing machine for a few years - I was actually borrowing it in an extended fashion from a friend and since receiving the amazing gift of my own sewing machine, I can return it.  Ah the memories...

So I finished up a pair of karate pants that were originally for my second daughter - they will now fit my third.  These were from way back when I first started re-learning how to sew.  I'm pretty sure they were my first project actually.  For some reason, even though I was diligent and carefully measured and pressed seams, one leg is shorter than the other.  I'd actually go back and fix it if I wasn't afraid it would just end up languishing in the closet again.  Instead I'll just giggle every time I put them on her.  The other thing I did with these is that the elastic in the waistband is way too long so I put them on her and they fell right off.  She looked down at them on the floor around her ankles, perplexed.  Uh, Mum?  They're not supposed to do that.  Ok, so I WILL fix that.

I also tried to finish up a little skirt for my middle girlie, and again ran into issues with the first time using my pinking shears.  Apparently I've so neglected them they are terribly famished and proceeded to EAT my fabric.

Also I went to the dermatologist today and had an close encounter with liquid nitrogen, and it is so dry I'm having a serious not-talking-to-you bout with my hair which is determined to frizz like it's 1987.

I feel so Lucille Ball right now.


  1. You're so awesome, love your style. I had a wierd way-too-big experience with elastic this last week too. It's so durn stretchy!

  2. Kids christmas clothes are currently in the works, as well as sacks for Christmas morning and a quilt. Not to mention my baking. Got any tips about biting off more than you can chew? Feel free to explain even if your mouth if full. ;)

  3. You are so very kind, Naomi! Thank you :)

    Raweth, sounds like you're very busy! As much as I dislike lists, this is the time of year when I reluctantly make them and it seems to help keep things a bit straighter in my head. Otherwise I'm constantly on tangents! The best advice? Play a lot with the kids, and eat lots of fudge ;)