Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Love/Folly Conundrum Pt 2 - Fudge

I'm almost done with the first decade of my 8/100 project!

Shortly I will do an update with how the pattern went and pics and all that fun stuff.  In the meantime I wanted to share something very important with you.

This fudge.

(image credit to cookincanuck on Tasty Kitchen)

I had to borrow the photo (with the owners gracious permission) because ours is but a schmear in the pan.  In theory I could show you my expanding bottom, but I value our friendship too much.

So what made this fudge so great?  It seems quiet enough, unassuming... until you read the description.  Nutella... Sea Salt... Fudge...

And with that I give you:

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Seriously, it's like the mysterious and handsome bachelor Mr. UndefinableYetTastySpread had a tryst with a rustic, yet beautiful, French salt raking maiden and made sweet little pudgy fudge babies.

This stuff is smooth people.  We're talking the kind of smooth that makes you look like you've stood there over the stove dissolving all that sugar whilst wearing a dinner jacket tailored by the kung fu moves of blind nuns from Hong Kong, because you're just that awesome.  And all you have to do is melt and stir!  I made it with my oldest two girlies and even making a few short cuts (not quite enough chocolate chips), it came out perfectly.  Not too sweet, a hint of salt, and wow.  Hellooooo stretchy pants!

Go forth and amaze, and share the Nutella Sea Salt Fudge Love.


  1. <3. You are too funny. I'm keen but not so keen as I'm already in stretchy pants.

  2. Ok. That sounds Now I'm going to have to try some. In addition to all of the other cookies I've made for neighbors (read: myself).

  3. By all reports these were pretty well received by people who made it. I think this will probably go into my Christmas rotation...