Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogging Folly

So I said yesterday that I would tell you .... today.... about the suspicious lack of photographs on the blog.

Yes, I have a camera.

Yes, I take pictures on it.

Yes, I have a computer.

So what's the hold up? You ask?

Three Things.

1) itunes - we listen to a lot of music at our house

2) photos - I like taking them

3) tutorial pdfs - I have a small problem.  But I can quit any time!

Our poor hard drive is maxed out.  In fact, lamely, I haven't put any new photos on the computer since March.  We thought we'd be able to resolve the issue around the time I started the blog - mostly by doing a much needed clean up.  We both worked hard but weren't able to clean up enough space for everything to run well.  It turns out it's harder to part with unwanted photos in iphoto than first realized.  There are about 3-6 photos named the exact same thing, so if you delete one unwanted photos, you might lose many more wanted ones.  Oh and the kicker is, you can't rename them either.

So, after a lot (and I mean a lot!) of researching and figuring out what to do, we came up with a solution.  A new hard drive, and Lightroom.  And we even found a way to get all our photos transferred over.  I'm very excited about the possibilities this will open up, not the least of which is showing you the progress photos I've been taking.  And a few other projects too!

I'm not sure when we'll get it all up and running - maybe this weekend?  But in the meantime I am hard at work!

Hint: there is a lot of dust and spray paint involved!

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