Monday, March 7, 2011

Can someone fill me in?

These are called The Tube Flop, by Sanuk, and I just don't understand.  Are you cold?  Are you hot?  Are you hiding a drunken tattoo?

I guess they would keep your flip flops from too much flipping and flopping... and you can colour coordinate with your outfit... and they are less than $8...

Ok, someone stop me now!


  1. It makes me think of girls wearing short shorts and big puffy jackets. I have to fight the urge to yell "if you're that cold, put some pants on"

  2. Can we be clear that this is a definitely FOLLY? lol

  3. I own these in 5 different colors. They look fabulous with my coolots!

  4. I guess when you can't find your flip flop booties (flooties?) you have to improvise.

  5. @Mel - a lol from me! I have thought the exact same thing!

    And yes... a definite folly. I think...