Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Folly (or, don't sew past your bedtime)

So wouldn't you know it, the first sewing item of my project and I'm at a complete standstill.  Not being one who likes to a) be defeated by small things 2) is determined that if I try enough I can do whatever I put my mind to and thricely: why is it that whenever I've thought about blogging about sewing failures, I get all cold and woozy?

I didn't think I was being overly ambitious putting in an invisible zipper instead of a regular one, but there you have it.  The darn thing won't go in.  The problem is getting the seams in the bodice and skirt to line up.  I've pinned, re-pinned, not pinned, dotted, marked and measured, sewn, read tutorials, sewn again and still the seams are off.  I've spent hours on it, and I feel like the stupidest seamstress in the world.

In the interests of moving the project forward, I'm tempted to throw the thing in the corner and just try again later.  Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the project?  I've been stubbornly trying to make it work properly that I'd forgotten that part of this is meant to be a learning process too... and given that there is so much to show and tell, if I wait until the sun, moon and stars lined up we might be here a while.

So shall we move on?  

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