Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Happy Heart Dress

I wrote earlier this year about the Happy Heart Dress.  A week before her birthday Miss I, my middle girlie, asked me again about her dress...  How could I say no to the birthday girl?  It was a close call - I was sewing on the last button right as her first party guests were arriving. 

My hand stitched buttonholes imperfect but functional, and the buttons cover them well.  I'm also pretty sure I did the continuous lap incorrectly, but it works so perhaps not?  The bodice is underlined with some cute paisley fabric, and the stretch cotton sateen was wonderful to work with.  I really love the fit of this dress and with the skirt starting at the natural waistline, it's a very flattering silhouette.

Naturally, for the red & white striped under blouse, I managed to find a pattern for the most complicated construction I've ever seen, so on short notice my friend Steph suggested the $4 Victory shirt.  It worked great, and the birthday girl didn't mind at all.



  1. I want a happy heart dress too! Well down and she looks gorgeous. xx