Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Will Wear Dresses - Plan 1

I have been trying desperately to finish the dress from the 90's.  It turned out to have a heck of a lot of hand sewing - not a big deal, it just took me longer than expected.

I've also been thinking about some summer dresses - something easy you can throw on with a pair of flats and some accessories and feel mostly put together.

The goal is breezy and bright.  The first plan - The Moderne:

From the stash - Butterick 5456

I liked the keyhole detail in the back, and it looked 1) comfortable and 2) breezy for the CA heat.

I found this gorgeous fabric at Emma One Sock and loved it right away.

Definitely bright, 'eh?

Then the following weekend I walked into a certain favourite retailer that I love so much and saw this: 


It took me a minute but the bells went off and when I got home, promptly contacted Linda who fortunately had another roll coming.  Not long after, a popular sewing blogger did a write up about the connection and I hear the fabric got pretty popular. I still don't mind, I love it that much.

So I have a muslin all cut out and ready to sew, I'm just trying to use this tutorial for a different method of construction for the bodice and haven't managed to get the computer and the sewing machine in the same general vicinity.  I know I'll have two dresses in the same style but the mock-up is a solid and then I'll have the floral.  I'm deficient enough in the dress department that I can live with a double up.  Or can I?

What about you?  Have you ever loved an item so much you've made or bought yourself two?  Am I going to regret this decision of an empire style floral?  Is the style too breezy?  Will I look like I've been knocked up frolicking in a field of hyperactive wild flowers? 

Tell me what you really think...

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