Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Will Wear Dresses - Part 2

Part Two - The Vintage

I agonized over this pattern for about a month or more:

I put it up on FB with some others and let the comments roll in.  If there is one thing I can count on with my friends, it's their honest opinions, for which I was very grateful. 

Interestingly enough, out of the voting also came an idea from my friend Nathalie - a vintage summer dress sew-along!  We have a lot of things in common - including girls the same age, and it serves as a great excuse to regularly get together over the summer.  She is going to make different pattern, also a vintage Butterick.  

I looked high and low for fabric.  Originally I needed a fabric that went with either a black or lavender cardigan, but in the end my fabric choice was neither.  Oh dear.  And another popular one.  I'm losing my edge :P  

Lizette Medallion Blue Sateen

I saw the fabric for 1/2 off at my local fabric store, and I was able to squeeze some end of bolt pricing as the remaining yardage was in two pieces on the bolt.  Otherwise, it would have been prohibitively out of my price range.   (Although, in it's defense, it's sateen, and it's gorgeous.  Seriously, the hand on this oozes quality, and it's probably worth it even at full price.  I'm actually tempted to go back and get some of the black dot poplin.)

So... is sewing a white cardigan in my future?  Is my vintage dress going to feel gorgeous but look like dullsville?  Lay it on me.


  1. I like this style & I think the fabric is well suited for a summer dress.

  2. I love the look of this dress, so do! :) A white cardi for summer might just be the thing or even just some white jewelry accessories - though I would not recommend pearls. I am sure you will look amazing.

  3. Definitely on the look out for some cardis! I love sleeveless shirts/dresses and cardis in the summer! I think you are right about the white accessories... maybe some cute bangles with a short sleeve cardigan :)

  4. Fabulous frock and fabric is classic vintage style. Pattern is flattering and feminine. Love it.<3 I create similar styles from vintage fabric finds. And have just started a new blog and Facebook page. Grace of Autumn So glad I found you. Xx