Friday, November 11, 2011

blue glass

I have, for a long time, loved mason jars - especially the blue ones.  They have been something of a trend in recent years in weddings and decor, most popularly used as vases and lighting fixtures.  

When we visited the in-laws this summer, my love of blue mason jars came up and I was promptly lavished with an assortment of sizes and brands that made this girls' heart go pitter-pat.

On the piano.

Mine right now sit prettily in a location where they are visible through most of our living space.  They gently emphasize a vintage blue colour that is a running theme throughout, and until I find a use for them that inspires, I'm content to have them rest as a generous gift that brings me endless amounts of visual pleasure.


  1. they look lovely! (although . . . I bet that they would look even lovelier if I was looking at them from your living room floor as we ate Thai food together)